Laura Smith, a popular and egocentric top model, dies absurdly and unexpectedly at the height of her professional career in New York. Now a spirit, she wanders the streets of the skyscraper city and meets, among others, the legendary John Lennon himself. But when she gets to heaven and meets Saint Peter, he tells her she must return, but in another body, in another life and in another place. More attached to her previous existence as a popular top model, her old mind set complicates her new life at times. With a touch of the supernatural, Laura starts to live as Marta, a supermarket clerk, who lived in a small town called Valencia de Alcántara in Spain, and led a life very different from that of a top model, a life that left many problems for Laura to solve. A cool, agile comedy, this romantic novel with dramatic points, full of magic and fantasy, that will make you part of a very unusual story, engaging you from beginning to end. A tribute to David Safier’s Cursed Karma, but with the author’s own personal twist.

“He who does not oppose evil, commands it to be done.”
― Leonardo da Vinci
LOST HOURS: an unsettling psychological thriller set in New York City will keep you on edge to the last page. Mystery, buried secrets, horror and romance go hand in hand in this compelling police novel with unpredictable turns, a true feast to those who love this genre.
Josh Parker, one of the creative geniuses of the renowned advertising agency, where he works with Paula Hawkins, is brutally murdered. Paula is the last person to see him alive and together with inspector Paul Tischmann will try to solve the mysterious crime. Paula and Paul´s voices intertwine to create a troubling, chilling thriller with a secret even the protagonists aren´t ready for.


When you think you know all the answers, the universe comes and changes all the questions.
Discover what happened in Tuscany: A unique and special story that will conquer and delight the most romantic readers.
Alice Morgan is a writer of romantic novels in her forties, whose inspiration has abandoned her since she divorced Jack. She doesn’t get used to her new life without him and her teenage daughter, who many times seems to want to make his life impossible.
Mark Hope is a reputed chef and owner of various restaurants, but a bad critic can destroy what has mattered most in life so far: his career.
Alice and Mark meet because of her literary agent and his sister: Cindy Hope. She organizes a disastrous date in New York that ends earlier than expected.
What they could never imagine, is that, Alice and Mark together with her teenage daughter, end up in the same family home of the Hope family, located on a beautiful hill of Montepulciano (Tuscany) because of a “confusion” of Cindy.
Enticing characters will join a delightful story, full of surprises and great moments. The voices of Alice and Mark intermingle, making us believe that second chances really do exist and they may be better than we expected, despite the consequences.

The decisions that we make, as small as they may be, set the course of our life. When Nora Clayton, a magnificent executive vice president of an important pharmaceutical Company in New York, has to fire ten thousand workers who will be substituted with sophisticated machines, she triggers the rage of Bonnie Larson, a woman who is invisible to society, but who comes from a long line of evil witches. After a long time of not having used her magic, she decides to curse Nora, who will watch how her life takes a 180º turn. The people she shares her comfortable life with don’t recognize her, her luxurious apartment on the Upper East Side no longer belongs to her and the only option she is left with is returning to Kutztown (Pennsylvania), her hometown, and to redo the inexistent relationship with her mother and live a life she had not chosen.
A story about parallel worlds, about the decisions we don’t make, about memories, life, love and, in the end, fate. A lesson on life in every page.

Horror, ghosts, mystery, crimes, romance, secrets, lies, extraordinary characters and the power of the supernatural will be the key pieces of this extraordinary story that will keep you on the edge until the very end.
Ever since Tom Levy died in strange circumstances twelve years ago, Amy Campbell stopped being herself. At thirty-seven, she lives a quiet and calm life in Chelsea, London. She has no friends and she avoids all men that take an interest in her. She still remembers Tom’s last words… mysterious and meaningless, right before he died. As if the visions he had had since he was a child had warned him of his imminent death. Tom still visits Amy in dreams… a fact that complicates her life irreparably.
An intriguing story that will take you to the place WHERE OBLIVION DWELLS.


Young Pam Miller, aged twenty-four, came to Los Angeles with a dream: to become a popular actress and a Hollywood star. But the only things she has acheived in the last two years have been two failed auditions for B-movies, starring in a sanitary pad ad that had ruined her life and working as a waitress to survive. Everything goes wrong for her and luck is not on her side. Before throwing in the towel and returning to her hometown, Gettysburg, Pennyslvania, she sneaks into an acting class at the prestigous Actor’s Studio. That initiative changes her life completely. She thinks she is hallucinating when she sees Marilyn Monroe herself mocking the professor. Marilyn realizes that Pam can see her and decides to follow her home. After an amusing initial shock, the novice actress and the ghost of the great diva become friends, sharing endless adventures together, some better than others. Marilyn will do everything she can to help Pam achieve her dreams to be able to fulfill the mission for which she remained trapped on earth for over fifty years after her death.
A fun and emotional comedy, with dramatic scenes and a touch of romantism that will delight all Marilyn Monroe fans.


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